Saturday, August 30, 2008

A lot of help

The last week has been unusually productive due to 3 people helping me with qtmux (well, everyday I get help from people at #gstreamer, but those 3 were directly helping).

In a non chronological order:
  • Edward Hervey (bilboed at IRC) did some changes to faac plugin and now we can have qtmux muxing mov files that contain AAC which play at totem (gstreamer) and mplayer. (Quicktime Player still can't play those).
  • Chris Cooksey is a possible future user of qtmux (one that really understands from the mov container) and while testing qtmux spotted 7 or 8 problems in the resulting files and reported me, so we fixed them (most related to timescale, dates and durations in the file).
  • David Schleef (ds at IRC) sent me a patch for adding Dirac support into qtmux (it works!).
Thanks to you 3.

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