Friday, March 27, 2009

New feature on gst-launch

Now you can add the flag --eos-on-shutdown (or simply -e), meaning that you want it to send EOS to the pipeline even when you stop it by sending a sigint (ctrl + c). This way, the EOS will travel through the elements, and they can finish properly their work. This is important for muxers.

When -e is enabled, if you press ctrl+c and it hangs while waiting for the EOS, just press again and the default behaviour will be executed (shut down the pipeline immediately and quit).

A example use case for the feature: to receive and mux live streams using gst-launch.

For the devels: the commit - the bug

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy new year!

This year had a slow start, but it seems that things are heating up.

1) I decided to be back on bikes (after 5 years), going twice a week for about 30km, starting at 5 AM. Surprisingly, I'm riding with the same group I used to and they remember me (I was 15 by that time!). Note: I need a new bike.

2) Google's Summer of Code is starting again this year and I'll try to participate again for GStreamer. From the tasklist, ASF muxing support and mpeg2ts interested me the most. But I'm open to suggestions.
Also, I've been asked to do a small presentation at the university to the Computer Science department (students and teachers) next wednesday. And I've already started reading ASF spec.

3) University classes are back (1 year to finish it!)

4) As my undergraduation is almost over, the amount of requests for small parallel projects has increased, which is good, most of them are simple web-based CRUD applications. They take little time and are a good source of money for a student.

Finally it is starting! Happy new year, everyone!