Thursday, April 9, 2009

Telepathy tutorial

That was the search I tried at google while I started to study telepathy, but it was amazing and funny the amount of tutorials I found on telepathy (the psychic stuff). I didn't try them, if someone feels up to it, please tell me how did it go :-P

After reading telepathy wiki, I went to #telepathy and davyd pointed me to the book they're writing, and so far it was the better source of information about it. If you are willing to learn about telepathy, try it out and give them feedback.

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debbie said...

I have telepathic abilities and I discovered I had this ability about 5 years ago. I am able to receive the thoughts of others as well I am able to project my thoughts into others.
I set out to improve my psychic abilities about 5 years ago and did so by learning how to meditate. Everything I was reading in books and on the internet stated that meditation was the key to honing our psychic abilities. You need to get into a calm state and open the mind up to the possibility of telepathy and other abilities. An important step is to get rid of all the propaganda that psychic abilities such as telepathy is impossible. We have been programed at birth that such abilities are not possible and is only a fantasy. This is not true..we are all psychic.

As long as you have a the mind set that telepathy is impossible, then it will never manifest for the person.
The mind is a powerful tool. If you 'think' your minds has limits, then indeed your mind will be limited.
In addition to my telepathic abilities, I also have precognition and I experience pre-cog on a daily basis. Usually my pre-cog moments happen just prior to an event or incident. However, I have have had pre-cog moments that tell me of an event up to hours before.
The steps I took were to do as much reading on the internet as possible and then I purchased CD's that walked me through the meditation process. Once I was able to meditate, I purchased CDs that focused on the Chakras and clearing them.
Then one day, it just happened..I received the thoughts of another person and then it kept happening.

It took months before I realized I could also project my thoughts. I found this out quite by accident when I was not very nice in my thoughts about a person who was speaking to me and I saw her negative reaction to my personal thoughts. Then I began to project my thoughts into my adult childrens minds and this is when I really knew that I was able to also project my thoughts.

I love that I have this ability and it has saved my bacon on a couple of occasions.