Wednesday, April 22, 2009

GSoC '09 UFCG Status

UFCG (Universidade Federal de Campina Grande) is the university I study at, and last year it seems that I was the only one that applied to GSoC

This year, I decided to spread the word about it and motivate people to participate. When the program was announced I kept sending information and tips on the students mailing lists and giving short presentations about the program. Happily, we got 5 students accepted this year! Much better than only 1 last year. They are (name - project - course):
  • André Dieb Martins - Enlightenment - Electrical Engineering
  • Danilo Araújo de Freitas - Python - Computer Science
  • Felipe Ribeiro Nogueira Barbosa - PHP - Computer Science
  • Thiago de Freitas Oliveira Araújo - NuiGroup - Electrical Engineering
  • Thiago Sousa Santos (me) - GStreamer - Computer Science
Congrats you all and to all other accepted students. Time to work hard and complete your projects!

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