Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cheese live from GStreamer Conference 2012

Greetings from San Diego!

Had a good time at the GStreamer Conference, seeing folks from Collabora, chatting, having a few beers, watching talks and some hacking. Good days :)

That's not what I want to talk about. I just want to announce this picture:

It is (likely) the first picture taken with Cheese using GStreamer 1.0 :)

Here's a fast wrap up on the changes:

  • Camerabin2 is now mostly ported, just a annoying bug left on video recording.
  • I believe most video effects were already ported some months ago (and they work, see the picture ^)
  • Very easy to port Cheese to 1.0. Seriously, application's API hasn't changed much.
  • There will be bugs and there are still some critical asserts being printed, but the hardest part is over now.
The ported version is in a branch at http://cgit.collabora.com/git/user/thiagoss/cheese.git/, I'll get it reviewed by Cheese developers before putting it into the official repository.

That's it, time for the last talk of the conference and then have some fun. o/


Rob said...

Quite simply - \o/

hadess said...

It would certainly have been nice to mention that on the Bugzilla that tracks the port to GStreamer 1.0, instead of doing this in your corner.

That way I would have known not to waste my time trying to port it when there's still plenty to do for GNOME 3.6.